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Nu-MAG, 2nd generation clean label lubricant

Nu-MAG, 2nd generation clean label lubricant

26 May 2017

Nu-MAG is a certified organic clean label alternative to Mg-stearate and stearic acid

Nu-MAG™ from Ribus offers manufacturers and formulators a clean label ingredient that provides enhanced lubrication in the production of both organic and natural dietary supplements.


Using “Rice Extract Blend” on your label statement gives you a clean and consumer-friendly label. Nu-MAG™ is a blend of four ingredients: rice extract, rice hulls, gum arabic and sunflower oil, helping manufacturers eliminate synthetic ingredients without compromising the quality or efficacy of their formulations.


Nu-MAG™ offers formulators a certified organic alternative to Magnesium stearate, so organic tablets requiring a lubricant can now be produced.



Tablets, capsules



Lubricant, excipient



Certified organic, clean label statements that replace synthetics