Nimbus extends honeycomb range

05 September 2014

Nimbus extends honeycomb range

Decorations and inclusions specialist Nimbus Foods has enhanced its honeycomb range to include products which will survive in a high moisture environment

With its attractive golden colour, aerated texture and distinctive sweet toffee taste, honeycomb, or cinder toffee, has long been recognised for its potential to add taste, texture and visual appeal to a wide range of products. However, the hydroscopic nature of honeycomb means that it absorbs moisture and becomes sticky if exposed to the atmosphere for any length of time.

By coating the honeycomb with a moisture barrier, the Nimbus range can be used in a number of applications including yoghurt and ice cream and baked goods such as muffins and cakes.
Nimbus can also supply Honeycomb Powder, very fine pieces of uncoated honeycomb that are particularly suitable for decoration and toppings applications, or for use in powdered beverages or desserts.

The products are available in various sizes from 1.6 mm to 25 mm in diameter and with a variety of barrier coating such as fat or chocolate coatings. The most recent addition to this range is Chilli Honeycomb fat coated as well as chocolate coated.

The Nimbus range includes inclusions produced especially for the bakery, cereals, confectionery, dairy, desserts and ice cream markets, together with a wide range of decorations and toppings. Nimbus products can be manufactured to withstand temperatures ranging from -18°C to +200°C, and can work in any environment, be it ambient, chilled or frozen.

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