New flavour trend report from Ungerer

26 March 2019

New flavour trend report from Ungerer

How will the future taste? Ungerer has identified the trends that will impact food and beverage innovation in the years to come

Ungerer Limited has released an overview of prominent and emerging trends within the food and beverage industry that will influence the innovation and creation of flavours over the coming years. Three macro trends are highlighted that are universal across the industry presently. These trends are experimentation and indulgence, health and wellbeing and provenance.


Experimentation & indulgence

The trend of experimentation and indulgence has become prominent as a result of curious consumers actively seeking immersive consumption experiences. There are two key drivers behind this sense of curiosity. Rising migration and the ease of travel have resulted in an aspiration to experiment with exotic flavours such as yuzu, kumquat and wasabi. Meanwhile social media have increased exposure to a vast range of unusual and exciting products. This is stimulating demand – particularly amongst millennials – for products that enable bragging rights to friends and followers online. Cross sector and cross category hybrids such as mulled gin & tonic in alcoholic drinks or alcoholic flavours in baked goods are an example of this.


Health & wellbeing

Health & wellbeing are being driven by conscious consumers who recognise that enriching, fortifying and adding are just as important as taking away. Sugar reduction, salt reduction and most recently alcohol moderation are all key issues in the industry – the low and no alcohol category in particular is currently buzzing with a diverse range of new product launches. However, what can the alcohol element be replaced with to offer consumers a new experience which exceeds expectations and keeps them coming back for more? Increasingly, consumers are turning to combinations of botanicals, spice and exotic fruits. This trend is driving the utilisation of new ‘Superfood’ ingredients such as baobab and turmeric and with new ingredients comes the development of new flavours. Honeyberry was granted novel food appeal and released to the EU market in 2018, with 13 times more anti-oxidants than a blackberry. Ungerer Limited’s new Honeyberry flavour perfectly captures this unique tasting experience – described as a combination of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry with a hint of sweet honey – and enables it to be used in formulations throughout the industry.




Provenance is a route to premiumisation for food and beverage ranges. Surveys analysed by Ungerer Limited suggest that globally, consumers hold positive perceptions of the term associating it with authentic ingredients and flavours. Provenance also resonates with ethically conscious consumers as it introduces an element of traceability to the product. Ungerer Limited have a comprehensive range of provenance flavours from all around the world. The wider Ungerer & Company group has citrus processing plants in Mexico which enables the company to have an advanced understanding of the consumer’s expectations of stable citrus profiles particularly.



The full Ungerer Limited 2019-20 Trend Presentation is available by way of request and highlights a total of 16 trends across the soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, sweet bakery & confectionery and cereal & cereal bars sectors. Please contact us for more information.

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