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New active lip make-up formulation

New active lip make-up formulation

12 October 2017

Exclusive lip beautification with the new marketing concept S3D® Fascination from Givaudan Active Beauty

Whatever the intention at the beginning, applying lip-gloss on the mouth is a decided and strong act. There is something there that touches on being, on desire.


Givaudan Active Beauty has pushed the concept of seduction & hypnotic effect at its zenith through the creation of a ground-breaking and very active make-up formulation: S3D® Fascination.


Featuring PrimalHyal™ Gold, coming from fully sustainable white biotechnology, S3D® Fascination is a deep and long lasting hydrating formula that will beautify your lips instantly. This exclusive lip-gloss also provides anti-ageing properties as it contains Megassane™, an active ingredient discovered by marine bio- technology, restoring the proteasome activities after UV-exposure. To deliver a water-resistant tex- ture which perfectly covers the lips’ surface, S3D® Fascination includes the Unimer U-151 polymer, also favouring the protecting actions of the sun filter and the dispersion of cherry pigments on the lips. Your lips are hydrated, protected and embellished for a long time.


Caroline Reverte, Formulation Project Manager says: “Our new S3D® Fascination is a very innovative concept because it is a multi-functional bio-active formula enabling new benefits for the final consumer. We crafted a formula for a high covering result with an amazing texture. S3D® Fascination is intense, powerful, sophisticated and delicate at the same time.”


The intensity of its dark cherry colour in addition to the creaminess of the texture and the awesome gourmand fragrance & flavour make this lipgloss a new addictive beauty weapon.


S3D® Fascination will definitely unveil attractiveness of your lips.