New - Calcium Citrate for chewable tablets

21 June 2016

New - Calcium Citrate for chewable tablets

The new product from Jost Chemical enables a non-gritty mouthfeel in chewable tablets formulated with Calcium Citrate

One of the main stakes when developing an enriched chewable tablet is to avoid unpleasant taste and texture. For calcium enrichment, the challenge is high because of the significant amount of calcium salt that needs to be added to the formula to reach the 800 mg/day RDA. The use of a granular calcium salt facilitates the production of tablets by using the direct compression technology but it results in a very gritty mouthfeel.


Granulated calcium citrate
Jost already commercialises an ultrafine  calcium citrate tetrahydrate. Its particle size (6 micron median) makes it possible to elude the sensory detection in the mouth but it also means that this product is not usable in direct compression, limiting its use to sachets and liquid applications. 


Jost has now developed a granulated calcium citrate. The granulation has been conducted on the basis of their ultrafine powder. The result is Calcium Citrate Granulated 80% (calcium content +/- 16.4%), which provides a compactable base and an enhanced mouthfeel.

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