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Nature derived viscosity solutions

Nature derived viscosity solutions

09 October 2014

Household detergent powders: achieve cost benefits with CMC with improved anti-redeposition performance

By Ugur Seluloz Kimya

Rheolon®, Rheoflo®, Viscolose® and  USK® are the brands of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) developed and manufactured by Ugur Seluloz Kimya, having  two production sites in Turkey.

Each product group is designed to respond to specific requirements from the industry for which they are developed. Diversified product qualities not only meet the individual customer expectations, but they also provide a background for further product development or improvements.

Available in different viscosity, particle size distribution and other chemical characteristics, the CMC product groups from Ugur find use in different industries such as paper, ceramics, textile, water based coating and adhesives, mineral flotation, food, drilling and many others.

Household detergent powder has been one of the most traditional uses of CMC since it was first produced. However, this traditional and old application has so far been overlooked due to tough competition and cost pressures as well as establishment of more interesting application areas.

Ugur has recently launched a new approach to this application area focusing on anti-redeposition performance improvement thus enabling cost benefits.

Individual and tailor-made product solutions are studied and designed in the RDA (Research, Development and Application) laboratory based on the end user's input about their processes, performance and cost expectations, and a commercial production is developed.

CMC - typical application areas


  • Household Detergents - used for anti-redeposition and thickening functions

  • Oil & Gas Drilling - prevents fluid loss, provides shale inhibition and viscosity

  • Minerals Flotation - used as a depressant agent

  • Water-based Paint Production - used as a thickener, also stabilizes the aqueous media

  • Adhesives (water based) - water binding agent

  • Paper Production - used for its sizing and coating properties

  • Textile - sizing and printing

  • Refractories - binding agent

  • Ceramic - binding agent in glazing process

  • Food - thickening, Stabilizing, Rheology control