Natural source of ascorbic acid for flour

19 February 2018

Natural source of ascorbic acid for flour

Acerobake from Naturex is an effective and clean label alternative to ascorbic acid

Naturex offers a natural source of ascorbic acid for the bakery market, produced from sustainably harvested raw materials. AceroBake is an acerola cherry juice powder standardised to naturally occurring ascorbic acid. This natural clean label ingredient is an effective solution for bakery matching the performance of conventional ascorbic acid (E300).


AcerobakeTM is sourced from leading suppliers of acerola-derived ingredients. To ensure consistent levels of ascorbic acids, the acerola cherries are carefully harvested when the content of the naturally occurring ascorbic acid is at its highest levels. Using HPLC, Naturex analyses ascorbic acid levels in every batch of incoming juice concentrate to ensure compliance to their strict raw material specifications. The ascorbic acid content of all batches of finished product is further analysed after the drying process and a guaranteed level reported on certificates of analysis.


To promote sustainability, Naturex’ suppliers have planted 250,000 trees in the sourcing area in the northeast region of Brazil. 20% of the total farmland is dedicated to the preservation of native flora.


AcerobakeTM is available in three variants:

  • AceroBakeTM A17 – standard product,  17-19% ascorbic acid          
  • AceroBakeTM A34 - carrier free and lower usage rate, 32-36% ascorbic acid
  • Organic AceroBakeTM A16 - 16-18% ascorbic acid    



An effective natural solution for bakery

Ascorbic acid is commonly used in baking processes to strengthen the gluten network by promoting the formation of crosslinks between gluten molecules. Ascorbic acid enhances weak flours, improves dough resistance to extension and deformation, and improves crumb structure and baking volume through better CO2 retention in bread and fermented doughs.

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