Natural sodium lactate replacer

Natural sodium lactate replacer

05 May 2014

Prolong the shelf life of meat and fish products with SL R 100, a clean label fermented liquid product from Fi&S

SL R 100 from Fi&S is a 100% natural liquid product that can replace sodium lactate in all meat and fish applications, without an E-number.  SL R 100 has the same functionality as the combination Lactate + Di-Acetate, which means that it works not only against bacteria, but also against yeasts and moulds.  SL R 100 is made out of the fermentation process of onions and is labelled as “spice extracts”,  onion extract or natural aroma.

Modes of growth inhibition
During fermentation, lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria produce small molecular organic acids and antimicrobial substances. These substances accumulate in SL R 100. The organic acids, antimicrobial substances and their salts can

•    Penetrate bacterial cells and moulds
•    Inactivate metabolic activity of bacteria and moulds even at neutral pH values (feedback inhibition/accumulation of salts)
•    Reduce the water activity (aw-value)

Application of SL R 100
SL R 100 is tested and approved for the following meat products

•    Fresh meat (minced meat) – shelf life extension (2-3 days)
•    Boiled sausage (Frankfurter) – shelf life min. 30 days
•    Cooked ham (sliced) – shelf life min. 30 days
•    Cured ham (ham dice) – shelf life extension, product protection
•    Fermented sausage (salami) - shelf life extension, product protection

Dosage of the SL R 100 is 2% calculated on the final product, and it can easily be added to injection and tumble mixes or directly to the dough.

In all application tests, the SL R 100 has proven more effective than lactate and has prolonged the shelf life  fresh ground meat with 4 days more, and in cooked sausages and hams with 10 days more, than when lactate 60% is been used.

The product is available in two versions: the standard SLR 100 containing 12.5 % of sodium and SL R 100 K based on Potassium and contains only 2.9% of sodium. SL R 100 K can therefore be used when salt reduction is requested.


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Selected FI&S products

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•    Specialities. FI&S offers an interesting range of specialty products such as fat replacers for meat products that also improve water retention, transglutaminase to “glue” pieces of meat together, to create bite in sausages, or to enhance structure, and tailor-made mixes custom blended to meet exact customer specifications and packed in the packaging chosen by the customer.