NINOL® CAA maximises performance and minimises components

06 September 2016

NINOL® CAA maximises performance and minimises components

New naturally derived aesthetics enhancer and fragrance solubiliser from Stepan for hair care

NINOL® CAA (INCI: Dimethyl Lauramide/Myristamide) is a novel, DEA-free, 100% actives and naturally derived nonionic surfactant. It is a key for hygiene formulations optimisation thanks to it multiple benefits.


NINOL® CAA enables the solubilisation of fragrances usually considered to be difficult to incorporate. At reduced use level, this nonionic surfactant provides superior viscosity building performance and equivalent foam stabilisation compared to traditional amides and betaines.


Regarding tolerance, it shows superior skin compatibility and reduces the skin denaturation induced by anionics. Consequently, NINOL® CAA is a replacement for many ingredients, leading the way to a simplified chassis on the performance and aesthetics of the formulation.


This lipophilic ingredient is only soluble in surfactant systems or oils. 1% of NINOL CAA requires about 7% of surfactant actives.


The Hansen sphere of the product overlaps the alcohols, esters, glycol esters and part of the hydrocarbon groups. It has a BCI (Biorenewable Carbon Index) of 86.


Re-thinking formulation with today’s needs

  • No nitrosamines
  • EO-free solubilisation
  • Easy thickening /less salt needed
  • Improved foaming power
  • Reduced actives
  • Cost optimisation
  • Enhanced mildness
  • High fragrance levels possible


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