Miso powder - new/old seasoning sensation

20 March 2015

Miso powder - new/old seasoning sensation

Explore the many culinary possibilities of freeze-dried pure, aged miso that makes it possible to reduce or replace sodium, enhance flavours or to use it as a natural alternative to MSG

By B Investment Solutions Ltd.


Whilst salt is probably the oldest form of flavour enhancement, Miso also has a very ancient history. Brought to Japan in the 7th Century by a Buddhist priest, it has continued to be the mainstay of Japanese cuisine.


In the production of Miso, Koji - cultivation and propagation of Aspergillus Oryzae with grain – is added to the ingredients for fermentation.  It is then aged and matured by means of micro-organisms from a few weeks to several years depending on the type and the regional production method.


Miso is normally available in paste form with salt added, but B Investments Solutions Ltd. is now introducing something entirely new to the market: pure, aged, Japanese red and white Miso in freeze dried powder form with no salt added.


Red Miso: a light red-brown powder which is the unique result of a very long fermentation process.  Red Miso has a full bodied, strong, complete flavour.


White Miso: a yellowish-brown powder obtained by fermentation of Shiro Miso. Shiro, or white Miso, is obtained via shorter fermentation which results in a milder, sweet product.


The Miso powders are a healthy way to reduce/replace sodium in a variety of food products, or as a flavour enhancer and a natural alternative to MSG. Because the Miso is in powder form it has so many culinary possibilities including bakery, sauces, coatings, seasonings, soups, ready meals, meat products, etc.  It enhances the taste of dishes which include garlic, tomatoes, or mushrooms. Miso can also be successfully used in salt-reduced bread.


The Miso powder is packed in 15kg carton with 12 months shelf life, stored under cool dry conditions.

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