Micro nutrient mineral blends

17 June 2016

Micro nutrient mineral blends

Celtic Chemicals offers a range of pre-blended high purity micro elements for dietary supplements allowing better dispersion

Micro nutrient mineral blends (triturations) are an ideal way of incorporating micro elements into your product. When formulating dietary supplements, the inclusion of micro nutrient elements into the batch blending is extremely small compared to other ingredients, usually due to the very low recommended daily allowances for these elements. This can result in poor homogeneity and variable mineral content across the batch, but with the inclusion of pre-blended micro elements better dispersion across the entire batch is achieved.


Working with Celtic Chemicals
Celtic Chemicals manufactures micro elements triturated (blended) with excipients (carriers) on a completely custom-made basis. The customer decides the quantity of active ingredient in every kilogram of blend and preferred excipient - maltodextrin, calcium phosphate or calcium carbonate (all excipients fulfil the purity criteria for food additives: Directive 2008/84/EU). The blend ensures easy and accurate dosing, homogenous distribution of the element in the finished product, and reduced toxicity, especially with Selenium blends. 


Raw materials are dispensed and manufactured in accordance with procedures prescribed in Celtic Chemicals’ integrated Quality Management System. The iQMS incorporates the principles of HACCP, Risk Management and Good Manufacturing Practice. 


Blends are tested in-house for compliance to specification ICP/EOS and AAS. On approval, the blend is packed to customer requirements in food grade packaging. Minimum order is 25 kg packed in 5, 10 and 25 pack sizes.

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