LCI launches StopSalt for bakery products

23 June 2015

LCI launches StopSalt for bakery products

StopSalt is a new solution to substitute salt in bread allowing a significant salt reduction of up to 25% while keeping both the dough properties and the finished product

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) has developed a new clean label solution – StopSalt - to substitute salt in bread, sliced bread and Viennese products.


Reduction of salt is a key issue within the bakery market. But salt is not only a matter of taste, it also plays a technological role in bread-making. Besides affecting the taste with sodium giving the salty perception, it affects the gluten network and the gluten competing for the water. In addition, the salt promotes the bonds between the protein chains and decreases the water activity by increasing the ionic forces.


Hence, decreasing the salt content strongly may result in issues with such factors as dough hydration, dough handling, dough tolerance, volume of the finished product, crumb structure, shelf-life – and most importantly - taste. And this is where LCI’s StopSalt can bring benefits to bakery processes. Marketing executive Noémie Jonnez explains: “LCI’s new StopSalt is an invisible ingredient, declared as “wheat flour” and containing functional wheat flours and enzymes. It is the result of a unique synergy between these functional flours and the enzymes, which is the trademark of LCI as experts in ingredient formulation.”


“StopSalt gives the same hydration without dough stickiness and the same dough characteristics with regard to elasticity and extensibility. With a decreased yeast dosage, it gives the same dough development during proofing and same dough rise during baking – and an improvement of the salty taste”.


“As a final benefit, when you replace salt with StopSalt, all these gains in the bakery come with a limited effect on cost, “ added Noémie.



StopSalt is the result of a unique synergy between functional flours and enzymes

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