KiOFiber - the multitasking fibre

19 November 2014

KiOFiber - the multitasking fibre

Digestive health: KitoZyme launches a new unique and natural fibre supplement product based on the patented and clinically proven KiOtransine® technology

By KitoZyme

KiOFiber is a new fibre supplement from KitoZyme based on the unique KiOtransine® - non-animal Chitin-Glucan. Chitin-Glucan is a novel patented ingredient of fungal origin that combines two types of polysaccharide chains that are linked covalently in a three dimensional structure.

Intended for use as a daily fibre supplement, KiOFiber features the benefits of both soluble and insoluble fibres. Thanks to its gelling properties, KiOFiber helps maintain a healthy and balanced gut microbiota and promotes digestive wellness leading to an overall feeling of wellbeing. In addition, KiOFiber supports clean healthy arteries and reduces oxidised LDL-cholesterol.

KiOFiber is particularly well tolerated and has also shown good results on IBS patients proven by clinical trials - see the figure below. Furthermore, it is appropriate for use in Kosher, Halal and vegetarian products/diets.

The recommended dosage is 1.5 g per serving taken 3 times a day.


Solutions suited to your needs
KitoZyme offers KiOFiber as finished products in different galenical forms: capsules, film coated tablets, sticks and powder, and as ingredient for integration into your recipes (KiOFiber is heat resistant). KiOFiber comes in the following different tastes:

•    Neutral
•    Orange
•    Lemon
•    Pink grape

Proven safety & efficacy
The efficacy of KioFiber has been proven by in vitro and in vivo tests and Gold Standard clinical trials. The Chitin-Glucan is a natural, self-affirmed GRAS source and has EU Commission approval as a novel food ingredient. KioFiber is manufactured in accordance with ISO and HACCP guidelines.


KiOFiber ...

•    helps relieve occasional constipation, bloating and abdominal pain
•    supports clean, healthy arteries
•    supports digestive health – improves transit
•    reduces oxidised LDL-cholesterol levels


KiOFiber vs Psyllium/HUSK
•    A patented fibre which offers a unique solution
•    The daily dosage for KiOFiber is significantly lower than for Psyllium
•    Psyllium forms a very viscous and slimy substance in few minutes, which is less pronounced for KiOFiber

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