Inclusions developed to meet your needs

05 May 2014

Inclusions developed to meet your needs

Push back the boundaries of your products with the extensive range of innovative inclusion products that can work in any environment – ambient, chilled or frozen

Nimbus Foods manufactures decorations and toppings for the bakery, confectionery, dairy desserts, ice-cream, snack and cereals sectors. The vast product range includes toffee chips, caramels, fudge pieces, butterscotch pieces, butterscotch chips, honeycomb, biscuits, cereals, meringues and chocolate coated fruits, nonpareils, vermicelli, chocolate flakes, etc. Nimbus Foods can also supply nut free products from their nut free manufacturing site in Dolgellau.

Nimbus Foods has a vast product range and infinite flexibility. Whatever colour, size, flavour, and texture you require, coated or uncoated, they will provide the solution. Specialist technologies will ensure that the product remains stable, whatever the application.

The secret of Nimbus Foods' success lies in its sophisticated development processes. The products can be manufactured to fulfill a number of criteria including

•    product stability
•    functionality in extreme temperatures
•    high moisture barriers
•    long shelf life
•    cost effectiveness

The inclusions can be selected to work in any environment, be it ambient, chilled or frozen, and in a wide variety of applications:

Nimbus Foods has developed a unique range of bake stable and soft bake inclusion products, which are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 200ºC.

Designed to be used prior to baking, these products have been formulated to maintain the desired colour, texture and flavour despite high temperatures.

Whether they are used within the product or for external decoration, Nimbus inclusions will not discolour or deteriorate in any way throughout their designated shelf life.

Nimbus Foods inclusions add flavours and textures and thereby extra value. These ingredients can enhance the range and give greater consumer choice whilst encouraging brand loyalty. Nimbus produces a range of special inclusions which can really make a difference.

With the help of Nimbus inclusions, confectionery companies can give their brand a real point of difference and add considerable value to their bottom line. Nimbus offers an impressive range of products to add flavour, texture and/or colour to anything from an everyday snack bar through to the most luxurious chocolate product.

Dairy products offer their own unique challenge to the inclusions market. Their 'wet' environment challenges technologists to deliver inclusions with a high moisture barrier that can maintain their stability throughout the shelf life of the product. The team at Nimbus is well equipped to rise to that challenge and has developed a wide range of ingredients which can withstand either a chilled or a frozen environment.

The development team at Nimbus has pioneered a wide range of products capable of withstanding the high moisture content of many of today's desserts. Perhaps more than any other, the dessert market is where Nimbus inclusions make a real difference to the value of a product, offering a unique sensory benefit which increases the indulgent appeal.

Ice cream
Nimbus has an impressive range of ingredients developed specifically for the ice cream market and capable of withstanding low temperatures of down to minus 18ºC without losing their stability.

Many of these products are multi-functional, for short or long term application and for internal or decorative use.

Decorations & toppings
Nimbus Foods’ core portfolio contains varieties that can add flavour, texture, colour or all of these attributes to your finished product. They can provide 'off the shelf' solutions or supply you with a custom-made product that has been developed specifically for your individual requirements.

Barrier coated decorations and toppings
Utilising barrier coatings such as chocolate or fat Nimbus inclusions maintain their texture throughout the product shelf life be it crunchy honeycomb, soft caramel or hard toffee. Nimbus development technicians are available to recommend the perfect solution for your product.

About Nimbus Foods
Nimbus Foods was established in 1996 and has since grown into one of Europe’s leading supplier’s of inclusions, providing the world's best-known companies with products that can transform an everyday food commodity into something really special..

Today Nimbus is owned by Raisio Oyj based in Finland, the food manufacturing group focusing on niche sectors.


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