Incaberrix is a tasty health booster

24 June 2015

Incaberrix is a tasty health booster

Incaberrix is a new water-soluble, phytonutrient-rich extract prepared from the ancient Andean physalis fruit, also known as Inca berry and excellent for e.g. beverages and gummy bears

Frutarom has launched Incaberrix which is a water-soluble extract prepared from the Inca berry. Inca berry is considered one of the “lost” crops of the Incans. It is native to the Andes, where it has been cultivated since ancient times. Many traditional Andean foods have a historic association with improved health and longevity. Maca and quinoa are examples of Andean staple crops rich in phytonutrients that have become recognised as “super foods” in recent years.


“Now is the time for Inca golden berries,” states Yannick Capelle, Product Manager for Frutarom Health. “The concentrated nutrient value adds health benefits, combined with fun and an exotic touch, to a wide range of food applications. But the sweet and tart berry’s primary category is beverages, including soft drinks, nutritional beverages and more. We strive to lead in market innovation by developing such natural ingredients that can both lead food and beverage trends and support health.”


Incaberrix is particularly rich in B-complex vitamins, protein and minerals such as iron, zinc and phosphorus. It is also high in vitamin C and carotenoids. Recent tests in Frutarom Innovation Center show that clear, water-soluble Incaberrix is stable in beverage applications.


“Superberry ingredients such as Incaberrix are attractive ingredients for product developers and manufacturers seeking to add value to their food and beverage products,” notes Capelle. ”The introduction of this new superberry extract by Frutarom is part of the company’s ongoing strategy to comprehensively serve the functional product market through our group synergies and goals. Incaberrix is another example of how Frutarom combines its strength in developing exotic flavours with healthy ingredients to offer its clients innovative, great-tasting product concepts,” concludes Capelle.



  • Clear, water-soluble extract prepared from the Andean physalis fruit

  • Unique sweet/tart flavour

  • Stable in beverage applications

  • Suitable for dietary supplements and food products

  • Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

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