Improve yield and control of syneresis in cheese products

05 September 2014

Improve yield and control of syneresis in cheese products

Fiberstar, Inc. has introduced new proven applications in dairy using their Citri-Fi 100 series products

Citri-Fi, a natural functional fiber created from citrus fiber, has long been popular in dairy for its natural solution to syneresis and texturising in dairy.

New studies have now demonstrated that Citri-Fi 100M20 and Citri-Fi 100M40 are substantially improving yield and/or control of syneresis in:

•    Soft cheeses
•    Processed  cheese and cheese foods
•    Spoonable yogurt and soft culture dairy products

Citri-Fi provides the same mouth-feel and is a natural solution to increasing revenues for soft cheese producers. The most recent study demonstrated a ricotta cheese yield increase of 12% as well as a higher integrity and body in baked applications than the control.  
Considering the volatile margins in the dairy industry, this application helps in two significant ways:
•    The increase in yield of finished products
•    Added advantage of syneresis and moisture control, improving quality throughout shelf life and increasing shelf time based on product integrity.

Another recent application development is in spoonable yogurt and soft cultured yogurt utilizing Citri-Fi. It has been proven that adding the Citri-Fi 100M20

•    reduces the syneresis, increasing  the shelf-life and
•    improves texture without compromising flow rate, sensory evaluation and pH.

This may reduce or eliminate the need for starches.

Fiberstar and Fiberstar Bio are continuing to make breakthroughs in the dairy industry, including yogurt beverages, smoothies and ice crystal reduction/melt retardation in ice cream products.

Please contact Alsiano for more information about the Citri-Fi products and the application results.


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