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High purity calcium hydroxide

High purity calcium hydroxide

31 May 2017

Jost Chemical’s purified Calcium Hydroxide has quickly become a true “game changer” for formulators across the range of industries served by Jost

Jost Chemical Co. has developed and commercialised a line of extremely pure Calcium salts for applications within human nutrition where an extremely low content of vagrant metal contaminants is needed. Jost’s advances in manufacturing purification technology were initially targeted to produce ultrapure forms of Calcium Citrate and Calcium Phosphate for infant formula and clinical nutrition products where very low Aluminium levels are needed. Over time, Jost’s proprietary techniques have been applied to their manufacturing processes for making Calcium Hydroxide, resulting in the commercialisation of an innovative material with unparalleled purity attributes. Jost’s Calcium Hydroxide has become an attractive alternative to commodity grade Calcium Hydroxide in a variety of chemical manufacturing environments, nutritional formulations and other applications where purity is a must.



The commodity forms of Calcium Hydroxide are often referred to as hydrated lime, a common mineral used in large tonnage across applications ranging from waste treatment to chemical manufacturing to human and animal nutrition. Hydrated lime typically contains many naturally occurring vagrant metal impurities, including high levels of Magnesium, Aluminium, Silicon, and Manganese. Hydrated lime originated from mined starting materials that can vary in purity from one geographical region to another as well as within the confines of a particular deposit. This variance can result in inconsistent levels of vagrant metals. Jost’s proprietary manufacturing process both reduces the vagrant metal contaminants found in Calcium Hydroxide and allows Jost to produce pure material consistently. As shown in the “Calcium Hydroxide Impurity Profile Comparison” table, Jost’s Calcium Hydroxide is orders of magnitude more pure in terms of various metals than commodity grades.


While the USP and FCC have established limits for a number of the impurities cited above, many chemical manufacturing processes and nutritional formulations using Calcium Hydroxide demand an even lower vagrant metal content. Jost tests for a number of additional critical impurities beyond the USP/FCC monographs, as shown in the “Calcium Hydroxide Impurity Profile Comparison” table.