Future cosmetics - a day of inspiration

18 August 2016

Future cosmetics - a day of inspiration

This spring, Alsiano hosted a successful cosmetics seminar that provided great insight into Givaudan Active Beauty’s vast range of beauty ingredients, a presentation of Stepan-Mild® L3, and information from KLK OLEO on the palm oil value chain

Together with our suppliers, Stepan, KLK Oleo (Kolb) and Givaudan Active Beauty (formerly Soliance), Alsiano had, earlier this year, the pleasure of inviting the Nordic personal care industry for an inspiring seminar on future cosmetics. The seminar provided the participants with a good opportunity to get an overview of our line of ingredients for cosmetic and personal care products and the latest trends in the market.


Givaudan Active Beauty, designer and producer of innovative cosmetic ingredients spoke, of the hyaluronic acid trends in the cosmetic market and their range within this area, the sun care market and their new Vegetan range and finally chrono-cosmetology –  how to adapt your skin care products to cells’ biological clocks - a new circadian cosmetic concept.


Stepan, one of the world’s largest surfactant manufacturers, offers a full line of anionic, cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants and surfactant blends and specialty esters. At the seminar, they presented their user-friendly solutions for enriched experiences for hair care products with focus on Stepan-Mild® L3 and green conditioning solutions.


KLK OLEO, one of the world’s largest oleochemical producers with a strong base in plantations, offers a wide range of high quality sustainable products from natural renewable raw materials. From the palm tree to high-end products KLK OLEO covers the entire supply chain. At the seminar, KLK Oleo took the participants on a journey through the value chain and the RSPO and Mass Balance issue.


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