Formulating very high protein drinks

20 November 2014

Formulating very high protein drinks

Sports nutrition: PRODIET FLUID meets the challenge of producing a delicious high protein ready-to-drink beverage while maintaining fluidity similar to that of milk

When it comes to sports nutrition, more and more consumers do not look for efficacy only, but also pleasure and convenience. Ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages are very popular in sports, fitness and diet nutrition, and it is now possible to fulfil all of these expectations.

Many RTD protein beverages typically contain 7-8% standard protein on average formulated with milk protein isolate (MPI) or whey protein isolate (WPI) and have insipid texture and taste. Raising the protein content is not easy since it tends to thicken the beverage. In addition, most of the proteins used today on the market such as WPI are not heat stable.

PRODIET FLUID from Ingredia is a high quality MPI in spray-dried powder form which contains more than 87% protein on dry matter. It is rich in micellar caseins - 92% compared to 80% in fresh milk. This ingredient allows you to develop successful end-products by combining outstanding technological and nutritional functionalities.

With PRODIET FLUID, it is possible to reduce the high protein beverage viscosity by up to 88% compared to a similar MPI. Since PRODIET FLUID displays a lower viscosity than standard MPI in a high protein RTD beverage, it makes an increase of the protein content of up to 14% possible, while still maintaining a pleasant and fluid texture similar to that of milk. Furthermore, the beverage will have a natural milky taste with no off-flavour.

It is very easy to implement PRODIET FLUID in any drink process since it does not require any specific steps or equipment. Moreover, drinks formulated with PRODIET FLUID can undergo UHT treatment for increased shelf life as it offers excellent stability to high temperatures.

High protein beverage concepts
Ingredia has conceived a range of 8 original very high protein RTD beverages in line with market trends and consumer expectations. All 8 beverages at 250 ml contain 35g protein (14%). Here is an outline of some of the concepts:

TONE UP: dedicated to consumers willing to take care of their health combined with an active lifestyle. Helps consumers increase their lean body mass and promotes overall wellness.

MUSCLE REPAIR: studies show that protein ingestion before sleep improves post-exercise overnight recovery (1). This concept provides the consumer with night-long amino acids release to replenish the muscles while sleeping.

SHAPE UP: makes the consumer experience sustainable weight management. An increase of the protein content of a protein based diet is proven to be efficient (2).

RECOVER: Provides the consumer with a dual action for muscle repair: fast acting amino acids from protein hydrolysates combined with a sustained AA release from micellar casein for a longer action. Contains also carbohydrates to provide energy.

Please contact Alsiano for more information about the concepts and Ingredia’s other concepts for RTD high protein beverages.

PRODIET FLUID nutritional advantages


  • Superior native micellar casein with a chemical index > 120
  • All-natural non-denaturated ingredient from fresh milk
  • Long release amino acids
  • Sustained  feeling of satisfaction
  • Very rich in BCCA (branched chain amino acids) (3,4)
  • High content of highly bio-available native micellar calcium
  • Possibility of health claims linked with its protein and calcium content
  • Clean label - labelled as Milk Protein Isolate (MPI)
  • Available in a lactose-free version



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(4) Antti Mero. Leucine Supplementation and Intensive training. Sport Med. 1999

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