For better gluten-free pasta!

12 December 2014

For better gluten-free pasta!

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients offers different naturally gluten-free functional flours that can, for instance, make it possible to produce clean label gluten-free pasta with sensorial properties close to durum wheat pasta

By Walter Lopez, Marketing Executive Nutrition & Biomaterials, LCI

Producing gluten-free pasta is not easy: the absence of the gluten network leads to big difficulties when producing pasta and typically leads to considerable stickiness of the final product after cooking. Moreover, many gluten-free formulations are not clean label and contain additives such as modified starches or gums.

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) has entered into a collaboration with the team of Professor Alessandro Delnobile from the Italian University of Foggia on this topic. Thanks to this collaboration, Westhove Maize 23 was born. This is a gluten-free functional maize flour specifically made for obtaining gluten free pasta with sensorial properties close to durum wheat pasta. Westhove Maize 23 is a 100% clean label solution!

Nutritional gluten-free ingredients
In addition to this technical solution, LCI also offers a wide range of nutritional ingredients without gluten e.g.:

Westhove chickpea, a debittered functional flour made from chickpea which allows to incorporate more protein and dietary fibre, while increasing pasta stability.

Westhove whole maize is a stabilised wholegrain flour (inactivation of lipase and lipo oxigenase activities and a reduced microbial content). Its incorporation into pasta formulation will provide a great nutritional touch with the advantages of germ and bran: more fibre, more minerals and more vitamins.


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