Food products with enhanced health benefits and functionality

05 September 2014

Food products with enhanced health benefits and functionality

EPO Srl. and Synergy Production Laboratories offer expertise and a wide range of botanicals and whole food powders

Consumers’ interest in natural products and products that may provide more benefits than basic nutrition is increasing. In fact, in recent years, “natural” is one of the product claims most frequently used to distinguish new product launches, and in the beverage industry, a growing number of manufacturers are including ingredients well known for providing health and wellness benefits in product formulations.

Guarana, the energy-enducing botanical, was among the first ingredients to pioneer the functional beverage market and became well known for providing near-instant effects after consumption.
The trend is going more and more towards products that enhance wellbeing. This could for instance be products the assist with relaxation or products that help enhancing memory, burning fat and immune system support.

Together with EPO Srl. and Synergy Production Laboratories, we offer a wide range of ingredients that can boost your products with active ingredients or add more naturalness to the recipe.

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