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Esters and specialities for the personal care market

Esters and specialities for the  personal care market

13 December 2018

KLK Oleo’s extensive product range for the personal care market enables formulators to choose from a variety of effects assisting in achieving the required property in the final product

KLK Oleo offers an extensive range of esters that are used in toiletries, skin care, hair care, fragrances and decorative cosmetics.

Functionalities such as emolliency, perfuming, skin conditioning and solvency can be chosen by selecting the right ester type for the personal care formulations. In addition to these functionalities, KLK Oleo ester range also provides pigment dispersion, skin conditioning and solubilising effects.

KLK Oleo supplies a wide range of esters to the personal care market under the Palmester® tradename.  Their ester product portfolio consists of Isopropyl esters, such as Isopropyl myristate (IPM) and Isopropyl palmitate (IPP) acting as emollients, and 2-Ethylhexyl palmitate (EHP), 2-Ethylhexyl stearate (EHS) and 2-Ethylhexyl cocoate (EHC) acting as emollients. However, due to the difference in chain length of the esters, the skin feel will vary depending on the emollient selection. 

Further to the ester range for personal care products, KLK Oleo offers a number of Isostearate esters. These esters are derived from Isostearic acid, which is a fully saturated, branched fatty acid, providing excellent heat and odour stability. 

Isostearate esters offer excellent low temperature properties and exhibit good oxidative stability. These esters have low odour, remarkably high miscibility and compatibility in a wide range of formulations with ester oils, silicone-based emulsifiers and colour pigments. Esters such as Isopropyl Isostearate (Palmester® 9000), Pentaerythritol Tetraisostearate (Palmester® 9210) and PEG-40 Sorbitan Perisostearate (Sympatens®-SIS/400) are a few examples of the Isostearate esters KLK Oleo offers to the personal care market.



MCT oil – dedicated plant in Germany

KLK Emmerich GmbH’s newly built plant, which became operational October last year, is dedicated to producing MCT oil. MCT, Medium Chain Triglyceride, is a widely used product in personal care, pharma and food related applications and enables the formulators to achieve a skin feel which is slightly fatty. MCT oils can also replace mineral oils in certain skin cream formulations.

Emulsifying ingredients

Emulsifying is a functionality that can be introduced by KLK Oleo’s sorbitan esters and polysorbates.  Sorbitan mono laurate (Kosteran-20) and Sorbitan mono oleate (Kosteran-80) are examples of sorbitan esters that KLK Emmerich GmbH produces locally in Germany under personal care conditions. Sorbitan esters are sold to the market under the KOSTERAN® tradename. Sorbitan esters can be further processed by ethoxylating them into polysorbates. These polysorbates are offered to the market under the tradename KOTILEN® e.g. Kotilen-20 (ethoxylated sorbitan mono laurate) and Kotilen-80 (ethoxylated sorbitan mono oleate).

Fatty alcohols

To complete the product range for personal care, KLK Oleo offers a wide variety of fatty alcohols. Fatty alcohols act as emollients, emulsifiers, foam boosters, cleansing agents and viscosity modifiers. Fatty alcohols are sold to the market under the PALMEROL® tradename. PALMEROL® fatty alcohols are available as Short Chains (C8/C10), Mid Cuts (C12-C16) and Long Chains (C16/C18).





KLK and its subsidiaries including KLK Oleo are committed to protecting all its resources and incorporating environmental friendly methods into its practices policies.

After 5 years of experience in multisite RSPO Supply Chain Certification, KLK Oleo now has 13 manufacturing facilities certified, strategically located in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Europe. Capability in delivering traceable, segregated and mass balance certified oleo-based products enables KLK Oleo to continue to grow as the most trusted global partner in oleo-based products and solutions.

About KLK Oleo

As a global oleochemical producer, KLK Oleo is committed to supplying sustainable ingredients for a wide variety of industry sectors. Vertically integrated and a member of the RSPO, the company ensures a highly transparent supply chain. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, KLK Oleo has established various production sites in Asia as well as in Europe. The close proximity to customers and their techni-cal aptitude allow them to meet the needs of the market. By thinking globally and acting locally, KLK Oleo is the leading oleochemical producer in Europe offering an extensive pro-duct portfolio, essential for diverse application in distinct industries. 

KLK Oleo’s European headquarter is located in Emmerich am Rhein and with a further production site in Düsseldorf, the KLK Emmerich GmbH product portfolio ranges from specialities products such as Isostearic acid, Dimer acid, Sorbitan esters, MCT Oils, Triacetin, to a variety of technical products next to a full range of Fatty acids and Glycerine.
In addition to the European produced specialities products, a wide range of speciality products are produced in Malaysia and imported into Europe. Several KLK Oleo products are ISO22000 certified, GMP+, GMO free, Halal, Kosher, Pharma grade and Ecocert certified. All their production sites are RSPO certified to provide Mass Balance and Segregated products.Several KLK Oleo products are ISO22000 certified, GMP+, GMO free, Halal, Kosher, Pharma grade and Ecocert certified. All their production sites are RSPO certified to provide Mass Balance and Segregated products.