Embrace the vegan and vegetarian trends

Embrace the vegan and vegetarian trends

30 November 2016

TruTex® wheat protein from Loryma is both an excellent source of protein and a perfect ingredient for meat-free product formulation

The demand for alternatives with reduced meat content as well as vegetarian and vegan products is booming as still more consumers are looking to cut down on their consumption of meat products for health and environment considerations.


Loryma offers a vegetarian delight to those who like the taste sensation of meatballs, hamburgers and barbecues. TruTex® offers a wide variety of proven and innovative food concepts based on wheat. TruTex® is a high-quality, refined, textured wheat protein with a protein content of 60%. Its’ neutral taste and meat-like fibre structure makes it ideal for vegetarian, vegan and meat-reduced food products, but also for general protein enrichment in, for instance, granola and bars. Furthermore, TruTex does not have any off-taste as opposed to soya protein.


TruTex® is a climate friendly source of high quality protein which has a positive life cycle assessment* (LCA) compared with soya and meat. It is produced of GMO-free wheat from sustainable regional agriculture.


*Life cycle assessment determines the environmental impacts of products, processes or services, through production, usage, and disposal.


  • High quality vegetable protein
  • Improves structure and adds protein to any food
  • Provides meat-like fiber structure to vegan/vegetarian products
  • Ideal for making alternative products - also low-carb und low-fat products
  • Outstanding sensory properties
  • Optimal texture
  • Easily processed after short soak time (water binding and swelling)
  • Production with conventional machine equipment
  • Freeze-thaw stable