DNA certified extracts from EPO

20 June 2016

DNA certified extracts from EPO

EPO Srl. offers a range of DNA certified botanical extracts

There is a growing consumer and regulatory concern regarding the authenticity of dietary supplement ingredients. One area of concern has been about herbal/botanical products and whether they actually contain the botanical ingredient declared on the product label. That is where DNA testing comes in. 


DNA barcoding is a technique for characterising species of organisms using a short DNA sequence from a standard part of the genome; for plants three plastid (rbcL, matK, trnH-psbA) and one nuclear (ITS) gene regions are normally used as a standard barcode. 


The technique is very similar to a supermarket scanner which identifies products by reading the black bars of the UPC (Universal Product Code): the sample is identified by finding the closest matching between the isolated DNA sequence and a reference sequence of an official barcode database. 


The DNA barcoding project has been developed with FEM 2 Ambiente S.r.l., a spin off of Milan Bicocca University; their labs represent one of the International Nodes of iBOL (International Barcode of Life); the iBOL Nodes are networks of leading researchers and key organisations affiliated to iBOL, using standard procedures to isolate and identify the DNA barcode. 


The DNA barcode is a unique pattern in every living being, therefore the DNA barcoding technique is more accurate than any other classical identification system or technique, such as taxonomy or TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography for plants).


EPO DNA certified extracts to date:

•    Bilberry (fruit)
•    Black elder (flower)
•    Butcher’s broom (root)
•    Dandelion (root)
•    Iceland moss (thallus)
•    Lemon balm (leaf)
•    Marshmallow (root)
•    Passion herb (flowering herb)

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