Clean label protein premixes for bread products

16 September 2019

Clean label protein premixes for bread products

Responding to the vegan and healthy food trends, Limagrain Ingredients launches a new range of clean label protein premixes

Vegetarian/vegan has become a significant and growing trend. This is reflected by the fact that the number of products with a vegan claim launched in Europe has been multiplied by five between 2013 and 2017 (source: Mintel).


Indeed, the food industry answers better and better to the expectations of the vegan consumers who look for products rich in protein in order to secure a balanced diet.


Limagrain Ingredients has now launched a range of three clean label premixes for bread products or other foodstuffs with the claims:

  • Source of protein (12% of the total energy must be in the form of protein).
  • Rich in protein (20% of the total energy must be in the form of protein), with 2 different references: Rich in Protein Premixe and Rich in Protein Premixe with inclusion


Limagrain Ingredients protein premixes make it possible to have:

  • A strong nutritional claim on the final product such as «source of proteins» or «rich in proteins».
  • A neutral taste and colour, thanks to the combination of pulse functional flours with a reduced bitterness.
  • An easy use, without any impact on the process. Dosage from 15% to 20% in bakery formulation. For more flexibility, these premixes do not include improvers.
  • Clean labelling with a list of easy and understandable ingredients.


Download Limagrain Ingredients’ new e-book about vegan

Vegan is a trend which has become more and more common especially in our everyday diet. Flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan: what does itl mean? What motivates consumers? Animal-free food: niche or mass market? How to include vegan products in product development?


Get the answers in this e-book: Everything you ever wanted to know about vegan 

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