Citri-Fi 125 - egg replacement in baked cake

23 November 2015

Citri-Fi 125 - egg replacement in baked cake

It can be well worthwhile to partially replace egg by Citri-Fi 125. Among the possible gains are cost savings, clean label and improved quality throughout the shelf life

The egg shortage in the United States caused by avian influenza has led to increasing egg prices which has also spread to Europe. With the prospect of this continuing in 2016, food producers are considering reformulating using egg replacers.

Besides economical reasons, there can, however, also be other motives and incentives for replacing eggs in a formula. There could perhaps be a desire to create an allergen-free product, a product with an improved nutritional profile (e.g. cholesterol free) or a vegan product – all three are seen requested by an increasing number of consumers.

Though egg is just a single ingredient, it is nevertheless complex and may contribute multiple functions depending on the application. In baked goods, eggs traditionally play a critical role from maintaining moistness for shelflife to providing aeration, emulsification and structure. It can therefore be challenging to find the right ingredient that can replace eggs in a formula.

Citrus fibre – the clean label way to egg reduction
With citrus fibre from Fiberstar, Citri-Fi 125  made from orange peel, it is possible to achieve a 20% egg reduction in a baked cake. This is done by simply replacing egg with Citri-Fi 125, which is pre-mixed into the dry ingredients of the formula, and additional water, which is added together with the liquid ingredients from the original formula.

In terms of volume, the cake produced with Citri-Fi 125 is as good if not better than the control cake with 100% egg. Also when it comes to moisture retention, Citri-Fi 125 performs. It retains moisture over time equal to or better than the full egg control cake.

Citri-Fi 125 can also replace up to 20% egg in muffins, brownies, cookies, crepes/pancakes and waffles.


Citri-Fi 125 is a unique all natural citrus fibre produced from orange peel without the use of any chemical processing aids and solvents. The patented process gives a holistic structure that can bind and hold both water and fat, improving your product and reducing your costs. Citri-Fi is non-GMO, non-allergenic, kosher, parve and halal.



Citri-Fi 125 benefits


  • Up to 20% egg reduction – cost savings
  • Clean label
  • Structure/texture
  • Moisture retention
  • Improved quality throughout shelflife
  • Natural emulsification properties
  • Stabilises foam in high ratio cakes



Food Ingredients Europe Innovation Award nominee


Fiberstar’s clean label gelling technology for fruit preparations, spreads and jams and jellies, Citri-Fi 100, has qualified for the final round of 2015 Food Ingredient Europe’s Innovation Award in the category Best Natural/Organic Innovation. This new clean label technology may provide cost savings due to its easy-to-use bene-fits - no pre-hydration or calcium needed to create the gel. Citri-Fi can not only replace or extend added pectin, but also be used alone to create targeted gelled textures via varying particle size options in high sugar/low pH food products.

Check out Fiberstar’s new clean label gelling technology at FIE.


Meet Fiberstar at stand 6I75

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