CereClean new label preservative

CereClean new label preservative

26 October 2018

This new fermented and functional wheat flour allows a clean label preservation of sliced bread and brioches

Driven by the customers’ expectation in terms of naturalness and transparency, Limagrain Céréales Ingredients (LCI) launches CereClean: a 100% clean label preservative for bakery products.


Formerly, the preservation was inherent in the bread produced. Craftsmen realised that a long fermentation created naturally the organic acids ensuring the conservation of the bread. Today, LCI restyles this way of preservation with CereClean.


CereClean is a fermented and functional wheat flour whose fermentation process is controlled for a targeted production of organic acids to ensure the preservation of bakery products.


In sliced bread and brioche type products, this clean label ingredient can replace chemical preservatives such as calcium propionate (E282), potassium sorbate (E202) and alcohol.


CereClean is the result of LCI’s great expertise in functional flour and bakery products and replaces chemical preservatives without any organoleptic or technological impact on the final product.




  • 100% clean label
  • Replaces chemical preservatives
  • No organoleptic and technological impact.