Carasweet - flavour & colour in one blend

27 January 2014

Carasweet - flavour & colour in one blend

Sethness-Roquette has developed a new range of caramelised sugar syrups

Aware that consumers are looking for both flavour and colour in one blend, Sethness-Roquette has developed Carasweet®, a caramelised sugar syrup.


Though mainly dedicated to the beer industry for its ability to partly replace malt, Carasweet® is also well-suited in other applications such as breakfast cereals, ice cream toppings, sweeteners, etc.
This caramelised syrup is obtained by controlled heat treatment of sugar with water and has been developed through the work of the Research & Development department of Sethness-Roquette.

The Carasweet® syrups are available in different variants ranging from sweet to burnt notes offering:

-    Fermentation capabilities
-    A high-alcohol solubility in spirits and liqueurs
-    A processing stability in salt
-    Flavour enhancer capabilities
-    Natural products opportunities
-    Compatibility with Caramel Colours
-    Clean-label benefits
Labelling of Carasweet® should be as follows:

-    No GMO labelling required according to the 1829/2003/EC and 1830/2003/EC Directives
-    No allergens to be labelled according to Directive 2007/68/EC


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