BisaboLife™, the sustainable biotech (-)-α-bisabolol

09 January 2018

BisaboLife™, the sustainable biotech (-)-α-bisabolol

Givaudan Active Beauty introduces sustainable biotech ingredient using white biotechnology

Drawing from natural resources to bring beauty to the world, Givaudan Active Beauty presents its latest sustainable molecule called BisaboLife™, produced by an exclusive fermentation process.


BisaboLife™ is fully bio-sourced and takes care of sensitive skin and scalp by fortifying and soothing the skin while restoring its comfort. It also reduces skin redness by offering an instant soothing action in a post shaving application (-81% versus placebo, clinical test).


BisaboLife™ is strictly identical to the plant active isomer of (-)-α-bisabolol, which is known for its anti- inflammatory, antioxidant, mildly astringent and healing properties.


Consumers are more interested in integrating health and wellness into their daily lives. Younger generations, such as Millennials, are increasingly mindful about what products they prefer and expect brands to fully integrate health, beauty and sustainability in their product offerings. BisaboLife ™ is an innovative solution to enable brands to meet these demands from consumers. It adds to the many other initiatives in the fragrance division where Givaudan also leverage white biotechnology to create sustainable ingredients.


BisaboLife™ has unique success factors

  • Natural origin – 100% of bio based carbon
  • Optimal quality – more than 97% of purity
  • Availability – unlimited and reliable supply
  • Sustainability – use of natural raw materials without endangering living species
  • Proven efficacy – inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokines



Day and night creams for sensitive skin, cold creams, after-sun, post-depilatory, post-peeling, after-shaving, shampoos for sensitive scalp, face cleansers, razor blade strips, body washes, bar soaps, depilatory creams, perm treatments.

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