BTC® - innovative antimicrobial solutions

09 October 2014

BTC® - innovative antimicrobial solutions

Stepan offers a wide range of biocidal active ingredients and regulatory support with the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)

By Stepan

Stepan is a global manufacturer of biocide products based on the quaternary chemistry and offered under the trade name BTC®. In Europe, the company is committed to supporting customers through the BPR regulatory process.

Stepan offers active ingredients to the market but the goal is to go beyond raw materials and offer quality biocidal actives that are fully registered and approved for a wide range of product types (PT).

Stepan quaternaries are effective as the active ingredients in end use formulations for sanitizations and disinfection in home and institutional settings such as schools, offices, restaurants, hospitals and nursing home facilities, food processing plants, pulp/paper mills, public water including  swimming pools and spas, greenhouses, gas and oil drilling, wood and paper preservation.

Stepan produces three different main categories of quaternary ammonium compounds:

•    Alkyldimethylbenzalkonium Chloride (ADBAC)
•    Ethyl substituted Alkyldimethylbenzalkonium Chloride (ADEBAC)
•    Dialkylmethylammonium Chloride (DDAC)


BTC range & characteristics


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