Alsiano is new distributor for SO.F.TER.

08 April 2014

Alsiano is new distributor for SO.F.TER.

Alsiano continues the expansion of plastics and rubber activities in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States

It is with great pleasure that we now represent SO.F.TER. SPA.

SO.F.TER. SPA, founded in 1980, is one of the two largest independent compounders in Europe with plants in Europe, United States, Mexico and Brazil, and with exports to more than 50 destinations worldwide.

SO.F.TER. produces a wide range of TPE, thermoplastic elastomers (TPV, SEBS, SBS, TPO), and engineering thermoplastics.


TPE – Thermoplastic elastomers

•    Forprene® TPV is dynamically vulcanised EPDM in a PP matrix. Shore hardness ranges from 20 ShA to 60 ShD. Service temperature from -40° to 130°C.

•    Laprene® TPE-S consists of SEBS (Styrene-Ethylene-Butylene-Styrene) and polyolefin.
Shore hardness from 3 ShA to 60ShD. Service temperature from -50° to + 120°C.

•    Sofprene-T® TPE-S consists of SEBS (Styrene-Ethylene-Butylene-Styrene) and polyolefin or styrenic polymers. Shore hardness range from 25 ShA to 40 ShD. Service temperature from -50° to 60°C.

•    Forflex® TPO consists of unvulcanised EPDM and polyolefin. Elastic properties up to 70° to 80°C.

The TPE range is also available with antibacterial protection.

Engineering thermoplastics

UL approved, HFFR, Mineral filled, Elastomer modified, GF reinforced, Glass bead reinforced, Conductive, Food approved, Antibacterial protection

PP compounds 
•    Tecnoprene® Glass fiber reinforced Polypropylene (PP/GF)
•    Polifor® Flame retardant, reinforced, filled, aesthetic compounds
•    Talcoprene® Talc filled Polypropylene (PP/TALC)
•    Carboprene® Calcium Carbonate filled Polypropylene (PP/CA)

PA 6 & PA 66 compounds
•    Nivionplast® Polyamide compounds
•    Nylfor® Polyamide compounds
•    Nylfor R® Recycled textile Polyamide compounds

PBT compounds
•    Pibifor® Polybutylene Terephtalate compounds (PBT)
•    Pibiter® Polybutylene Terephtalate compounds (PBT)
•    Pibiter® HI Polybutylene Terephtalate / Polycarbonate (PBT/PC)

PC/ABS compounds
•    Blendfor® Polycarbonate / ABS compounds (PC/ABS)
•    Reblend® Polycarbonate / ABS compounds (PC/ABS)

ABS compounds
•    Abistir® Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene compounds (ABS)
•    Retelan® Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene compounds (ABS)

PC, PS, SAN & PPO compounds
•    Cabofor® Polycarbonate compounds (PC)
•    Stirofor® High-impact Polystyrene compounds (HI-PS)
•    Sanfor® Styrene-Acrylonitrile Copolymer compounds (SAN)
•    Norfor® Polyphenylene Oxide compounds (PPO)

For more information please contact our Nordic Plastics & Rubber team.

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