Add value with puffed grains

20 March 2015

Add value with puffed grains

The delicious and decorative puffed whole grains add flavour and wholesomeness to cereals, bars and toppings

By Valsemøllen


Valsemøllen offers a range of 4 different puffed grains - durum, wheat, barley and rye – which are excellent in breakfast cereals where the soft grains add extra flavour and increase the wholemeal content of the finished product, perfectly in line with the current health trends. The puffed grains are also well suited for e.g. salad toppings and in cereal bars where they can improve both taste and appearance.


Valsemøllen’s puffed whole grains are part of their Natur-Aks line which are products grown without straw shorteners.

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