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Rice ingredients for personal care

Rice ingredients for personal care

09 September 2016

Rice starch powder, a simple and inexpensive ingredient, can improve the barrier functions of damaged skin and is also well suited in dry shampoo

The use of rice as a natural beauty treatment goes back thousands of years. Through the ages, it has been used for relieving inflammation associated with skin diseases and for cleansing and softening of the skin.


By nature, rice starch is characterised by very small granules in the range of 2-8 μm, being much smaller than those of other cereals, tubers and roots, such as corn and potato. The small particle size means a large surface area giving extraordinary adsorption and absorption characteristics.


Rice starch in skin care applications

BENEO’s native rice starch REMY DR has been tested for its beneficial effects on impaired skin functions (damaged, irritated skin). In the test, the skin was exposed to a 15 minutes rice starch bath twice daily (10 g starch/liter water). The test showed a 20% healing capacity of damaged skin and a soothing effect on itchy skin. Furthermore, it showed improved skin barrier functions measured as the trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).*


Rice stach in dry powder shampoo

BENEO rice starch REMY DR is also well suited in dry powder shampoo used for prolonging the interval between shampooing.


Dry shampoos were actually developed prior to the modern liquid shampoos and popular when warm running water was not available in all homes. The advantage of the dry shampoo was preservation of the hairstyle and odour control.


Today, dry shampoos are used for much the same reason – i.e. convenience. In fact, dry shampoo is a growing market owing to the emphasis on other benefits such as prolonging the life of the hair colour, since permanent and semi-permanent dyes fade with water contact, the desire to protect hair’s natural oils and to avoid chemicals that may damage the hair over time.


*De Paepe et al., 2002: Effect of Rice Starch as a Bath Additive on the Barrier Function of Healthy but SLS-damaged Skin and Skin for Atopic Patients.