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New unique microencapsulated stabilised retinol

New unique microencapsulated stabilised retinol

05 November 2019

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Spherulite™ R10 with faster and superior anti-ageing clinical efficacy compared to free retinol

Givaudan Active Beauty launches Spherulite™ R10, a groundbreaking solution to use retinol for skincare in a more stable and efficient way. Crafted with the Spherulite™ technology, Spherulite™ R10 demonstrates faster and superior anti-ageing clinical efficacy compared to free retinol.


Ageing effects lead men and women to search for efficient solutions to get rid of wrinkles. Retinol, the most well-known ingredient to reverse sign of ageing, is a golden standard despite being very difficult to stabilise in formula. No surprisingly, it is one of the most requested ingredients when the time has come to deal with wrinkles. Globally, one in four consumers is looking for retinol in their skincare products.


The advanced microencapsulation technology of Spherulite™ R10 allows the protection and stabilisation of retinol in the multi-layered crystalline microcapsules, bringing solutions to all formulators of retinol products. The non-ionic nature of these capsules enables a better penetration into the skin where the retinol is slowly released, thus preventing any adverse reactions such as irritation.


Far more stable than free retinol in formulation and twice more stable than other benchmark encapsulated retinol, Spherulite™ R10 enables Vitamin A to have a better bioavailability into the epidermis. When compared to free retinol in a double blind versus placebo clinical trial, Spherulite™ R10 demonstrated quicker and superior rejuvenating results than free retinol with a significant decrease of crow’s feet wrinkles (-11.1% in one month) and of the volume of nasolabial wrinkles (-37.3% in 2 months).


Over 70% of volunteers have seen a visible effect on wrinkles and felt their skin more plumped after using this microencapsulated retinol, validating that Spherulite™ R10 brings a solution for consumers of all beauty brands who seek to win the battle against wrinkles.



Vectorised youth therapy

To inspire the beauty industry, Givaudan formulation experts crafted S3D® PoweR-10, the first micro-vectorised retinol anti-ageing night cream. Featuring Spherulite™ R10, it will help treat wrinkles softly and carefully. Fresh and light, the cream penetrates quickly into the skin without leaving any excess or sticky effect. They call the experience “vectorised youth therapy”.