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Natural preservative systems for cosmetics and personal care products

Natural preservative systems for cosmetics and personal care products

02 November 2021

Vercatech Pentyforce preservative blend is a natural multifunctional powerful system offering effective protection to cosmetic formulas

Vercatech Pentyforce is an effective skin humectant and skin conditioning mixture with emollient properties for all type of applications offering good protection against yeasts, moulds and bacteria. The synergetic mixture is optimised to cover a broad range of pH from 4 to 7 and a broad type of formulae.


The Vercatech Pentyforce mixture contains low dosage of surfactant type molecules, pointing to minimisation of risk of irritations especially for face/eye products. Research investigation shows a minimised impact on the stability of the formulae especially when it is replacing another preservative system. Furthermore, it offers an opportunity to optimize the cost in the formulas.


The blend is an excellent alternative to conventional preservatives for skin care, hair care, makeup and toiletries, and it also serves as a booster for conventional and alternative preservatives.


100% natural & sustainable

Vercatech Pentyforce preservative blend, made from palm oil, is an optimum alternative to petro-sourced preservatives systems. The blend is also available with sustainable palm oil with RSPO Mass Balance certification on request. Vercatech Pentyforce has been granted ECOCERT and COSMOS compliance in the EU and 100% natural origin according to ISO16128.


The easy-to-handle liquid can be added directly to the water phase, but can also be mixed with vegetal oils, and it can be added to emulsions at the post-emulsification stage.


  • 100% natural and sustainable
  • Effective protection for all type of formulae:  emulsions, surfactant bases, aqueous systems.
  • Specially designed for reactive skin and suncare formulae
  • COSMOS approved



INCI: Pentylene Glycol, Levulinic Acid, Glyceryl Caprylate

Appearance: Colourless liquid                      

For all types of products

Recommended use level 2.5% -4% - pH-range 4-7



Multiple applications