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Multifunctional Revivyl boosts body skin rejuvenation

Multifunctional Revivyl boosts body skin rejuvenation

05 October 2017

Givaudan Active Beauty launches Revivyl™, the very first holistic skin renewal accelerator supported by metagenomic analysis and stem cell research

At the age of 50, your skin needs 44% more time to renew itself than in your twenties! What if cosmetic science could help you boost your whole body skin rejuvenation in a holistic way?


Givaudan Active Beauty’s Research & Development department has delved deeper into the intimate mechanisms of skin renewal: from its stem cells activation to its ultimate superficial layer, called the Stratum Microbium™. By cracking the secrets of this complex regeneration cycle and its delicate balance, these skin biology experts have apprehended the fact that this process needs sequential activation from bottom to top as well as strong protection of the natural balance of skin microbiota to maintain skin health and beauty.


By combining their metagenomic pioneering capability and their exclusive skills in bio-guided plant fractionation, Active Beauty skin experts have been able to develop the first active cosmetic ingredient dedicated to accelerate the entire skin regeneration process. Recovered from Orobanche rapum, a unique European chlorophyll-free plant, Revivyl™ has been scientifically designed to deliver targeted biological actions from the lower to the higher layers of the epidermis.


Evaluated through exhaustive in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo studies, Revivyl™ has demonstrated 6 holistic effects on the natural skin renewal cycle:


1. Protection of epidermal stem cells
- Up to +171%* surviving expression


2. Reactivation of cellular metabolism
- Up to +85%** Ki67 activation


3. Stimulation of epidermal cell differentiation
- Up to +249%** filaggrin, +489% involucrin, +414% loricrin


4. Reinforcement of skin barrier
- Up to +36%** ceramides


5. Reactivation of natural exfoliation
- Up to +56%** exfoliation


6. Active protection of skin microflora

*in vitro test - **ex vivo test


Four full clinical studies versus placebo using the latest technologies (Raman spectroscopy, Optical Coher- ence Tomography, Diagnoskin, metagenomic analysis and silicone replica) have proven the exceptional consumers’ benefits of Revivyl™ for face and body applications: in just 2-4 weeks, the skin barrier is reinforced (up to +36% water gain), exfoliation is reactivated (up to +244%), skin microflora is protected, and skin surface is smoothed with up to -30% decrease in wrinkles number.


Cyrille Jarrin, Ph.D. researcher specialised in skin microbiome bioinformatic analysis, says: “In view of the scientific evidence of the skin microbiota and health relationship, it is now crucial to ensure that active ingredients have benefits for our skin flora. Revivyl™ shows unique properties to protect skin microbiota. We analysed over 24 billons pieces of DNA information from volunteers’ microbiota and discovered that this ingredient is not only able to trigger skin stem cells, but also to protect the global microbiota population and even reducing unwanted pathogen species. This is unique in our industry and will create a real added value for consumers”.


Revivyl™ is a multifunctional active ingredient, water soluble, safe and from a natural source, easy to formulate in all skin or body care formulas. By reactivating the production of a new skin, Revivyl™ is answering one of the expectations of the most consumers: “I want to look and feel better with a younger skin…naturally”.