Green solutions for your products

25 March 2014

Green solutions for your products

Stepan offers a wide range of natural and sulphate free solutions for personal care products

By Stepan


Formulating green products is one of the greatest challenges facing today’s formulators of personal care products. Consumers are also becoming increasingly concerned about their own health and that of the environment. They are considering natural products as alternatives to the products they are buying now.

Stepan is offering a wide range of green ingredients complying with Ecocert, Ecolabel and with an internal index called “Biorenewable Carbon Index”. Stepan  BCI has been developed to evaluate the the percentage of carbon in our surfactants that are derived from biorenewable resources.

Stepan-Mild GCC – natural food grade thickener
Stepan is promoting a new, mild, completely natural food-grade thickener called Stepan-Mild® GCC which is Glyceryl Caprylate/Caprate. This product is made from 100% renewable carbon (BCI = 100), it gives good viscosity building and it also improves foaming.
Moreover, Stepan offers a multifunctional naturally derived sulfoacetate, Lathanol® LAL. Combined with other surfactants it gives many desirable effects such as luxurious creamy foam.  

Stepan sulphate free solutions
“Sulphate free*” is another growing trend often paired with natural claim. Sulphates are perceived by customers and consumers as irritating and leading to colour degradation in colour-treated hair.

Stepan is offering different solutions to have a “sulphate free*” system according to an internal definition such as ALPHA-STEP® PC-48, a salt of methyl ester sulfonates (MES). Also, Stepan is manufacturing unique aqueous blends. They are thin liquids and are easily handled. Stepan-Mild® PCL is a primary surfactant blend of sulfolaurate and sulfoacetate. Stepan-Mild® LSB contains sulfoacetate and sulfosuccinate.

Properties of these systems are different from usual systems and it is more challenging to get high foam volume and high viscosity. Therefore Stepan has developed a naturally derived mild betaine surfactant - Amphosol® CDB Special - satisfying this technical requirement. 

Amphosol® CDB Special is a cetyl betaine made from alkyl dimethyl tertiary amine and sodium monochloroacetate. It overcomes the low viscosities which are the result when conventional betaines are formulated in personal care products together with sulphate-free surfactants. It also provides enhanced foam volume, better foam stability and mildness, giving a good skin feel.

*In the context of this article, “sulphate free” means that this product does not intentionally contain any sodium sulfate (any alcohol or ether sulfate).


Stepan's green ingredients comply with Ecocert, Ecolabel and with BCI - Stepan's own Bio-renewable Carbon Index

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