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Beauty breakthroughs set to revolutionise skin care

Beauty breakthroughs set to revolutionise skin care

05 September 2016

Two exciting new products created by Givaudan Active Beauty promise a return to beautiful ‘baby skin’ and to reverse the effects of stress in a revolutionary new way

Back to ‘baby skin’ with Tightenyl™
The skin extracellular matrix (ECM) is crucial in the dermis and physically supports the dermis-epidermis junction. In baby skin, the extracellular matrix is perfectly organised, dense, compact and filled with macromolecules. But as we age the skin’s peachy perfection seems impossible to regain.

Tightenyl™, a new product from Givaudan Active Beauty, boasts about anti-ageing properties that deliver remarkable effects within eight days. According to Romain Reynaud, Givaudan’s Research & Development Director, Tightenyl™ is set to become the new skin care gold standard: “This product reorganises the skin architecture from the inside out. We can see visible effects in two weeks, and after three months, users still see a change, because the skin is being ‘reorganised’ from within. The product contains a powerful combination of three active ingredients that work deeply and make quick, drastic improvements. The product penetrates far beyond the superficial layer, acting as a ‘bio-lifter’, working to smooth and lift skin from the inside out. The results prove it will be twice as good as the current market favourite, Retinol, and become a new game-changer.”

Tightenyl™ has been developed as part of the company’s strong expertise in biotechnology where Givaudan customers can add it to their own formulations, such as a day or night cream for anti-ageing or a serum for skin tightening. It is also appropriate for use in both high-end and mass-market applications. There is deep, innovative science behind this new formulation, but as Romain remarks, the end customer simply wants to know whether it works – which it does.

He explains: “It doesn’t matter whether consumers know what Tightenyl™ is or does – women simply want results. The active ingredients in Tightenyl™ deliver fast, visible results, and that’s what counts.”

Neurophroline™: think yourself younger
The revolutionary stress-busting active Neurophroline™ developed by Givaudan can not only combat the signs of environmental aggressors such as pollution and climate, but can also treat the real culprit of ageing: stress. Stress takes its toll on our skin, accelerating ‘wear and tear’ such as circles under the eyes, a fatigued appearance or fine lines. This breakthrough development from Givaudan triggers different actions in our physiological makeup to combat our stress hormones.
Romain, Givaudan’s R&D Director explains how it works: “Being stressed is actually bad for your skin; there are many products for anti-ageing, but none that target stress, despite the fact that this is a key ageing culprit. Our new product Neurophroline™ stimulates the ‘feel good’ beta-endorphins and combats the main stress-hormone, cortisol.”

He continues: “We can tell whether the product is working by checking that the genes promoting the anti-oxidation are being stimulated. Anti-oxidation is a process that counteracts the negative effect of stress; this is scientifically important because of the link between feeling stressed and ageing skin. This powerful active ingredient generates results in two weeks, especially on high stress areas where the skin is thinnest, e.g. around the eyes.”

Romain also gives insights into how feeling less stressed can make us look younger, and why: “Our skin and our brains share the same embryonic origin, meaning that how we feel inside affects how we look outside. If we are stressed, we look tired and age faster. If the brain thinks we’re happy and balanced, the skin will react positively… essentially we can think ourselves young again!”