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Active beauty gets impressive new clinical tests on Brightenyl for fast pore reduction

Active beauty gets impressive new clinical tests on Brightenyl for fast pore reduction

01 December 2016

Brightenyl is the perfect fit for a perfect skin tone: it can now offer a very powerful product able to act on anti-redness, whitening and now pore reduction

After the first successes of its gold-awarded active ingredient Brightenyl launched in 2015, Givaudan Active Beauty goes further to improve the skin complexion while presenting new clinical tests with specific benefits regarding facial pores reduction.


Inspired from the recent metagenomic technology, Brighteny is the very first bio-boosted skin brightening and colour correcting active cosmetic ingredient. It protects and perfects the skin by restoring its healthy and natural tone again. New clinical tests have just demonstrated additional benefits of this active ingredient: it allows reducing the pore size in only 2 weeks by decreasing of -62.5% enlarged pores. This active ingredient is 4 times more powerful than vitamin C. People get a visible smooth skin appearance very quickly.


Dr Hanane Chajra, Biological Evaluation Department Manager, said: “Very few active compounds on the market can act on such a wide range of biological targets at the same time. Brightenyl is a scientific breakthrough as it is activated on skin by its native microflora. Its development required years of collaboration between our metagenomics experts, our biocatalysis experts and our skin biologists. This compound offers consumers a higher and better efficacy while keeping a very high level of safety. By targeting over 7 biological targets, Brightenyl addresses all the major issues connected to skin tone”.


Be captivated by the radical benefit of Brightenyl new version enabling a make-up effect without makeup.