Greenbentin™, a step towards the future!

25 March 2014

Greenbentin™, a step towards the future!

KOLB’s green product line containing at least 30% renewable raw materials is expanding with the GreenbentinTM XES range as the latest addition

KOLB is a midsize company with a lean and flexible organisation and 50 years’ experience in design and production of nonionic surfactants. Since 2007 KOLB has been part of the Malaysian multinational KLK (Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad). This merger strengthened the company considerably and opened up many new possibilities.

Greenbentin™ – The renewable products from KOLB
To underline KOLB’s commitment to sustainability, a green product line called “Greenbentin” was launched. As the name suggests, the philosophy behind Greenbentin™ is that the products contain at least 30 % renewable raw materials. 2011 marked the launch of Greenbentin™-DE, followed by Greenbentin™-MLS in 2012. The latest family member is the Greenbentin™-XES range:

Greenbentin™-XES is a methyl ester ethoxylate based on rapeseed oil and is available in two ethoxylation grades. KOLB produces this group of new ecological, nonionic surfactants using its own patented process that corresponds to state-of-the-art technology. The Greenbentin™-XES range is excellent for use in liquid and powder detergents. The low cloud point makes it suitable for low washing temperatures. The products can also be used in all-purpose cleaners.

These are nonionic surfactants that represent a competitive alternative to the market standard with their fast wettability and odour reduction. Greenbentin™-DE products are of course DID and TSCA listed. Furthermore, the products are ECOCERT-validated.

The Greenbentin™-MLS types are new ecological, nonionic surfactants that are excellent for use in liquid and powder detergents. The low cloud point makes them suitable for low washing temperatures. They are also used in all-purpose cleaners. As a specialist in alkoxylation, KOLB manufactures these products using its own patented process that corresponds to the latest state-of-the-art technology.

In addition to low foaming characteristics, the MLS types also stand out particularly because of their excellent environmental performance. They are therefore extremely biodegradable and have very low water toxicity. This means that Greenbentin™-MLS is not subject to labelling requirements. GreenbentinTM-MLS combines outstanding properties and an exceptionally environmentally friendly profile of the excellent KOLB quality.

You can expect more KOLB Greenbentin™ types in the future. A Greenbentin™ low-foamer will be launched very soon.

Greenbentin™ and RSPO (Round Table On Sustainable Palm Oil)
Please find more information about our Mass Balance certified Greenbentin™ products and RSPO in general at KOLB’s webpage or “We walk the talk” RSPO flyer.

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