White tablet coating agent free from titanium dioxide

05 September 2018

White tablet coating agent free from titanium dioxide

Sepifilm White TF is a white film coating agent free from titanium dioxide, designed for food supplements in tablet form

Sepifilm White TF is a new solution with strong opacifying properties giving a white colour to the tablets without titanium dioxide, commonly used for this purpose in food supplements. It has been developed to meet the growing demand for titanium dioxide free alternatives from consumers and manufacturers of food supplements.


Its formula is based on ingredients well accepted and widely used within the food supplement industry. Sepifilm White TF comes as a solution designed especially for nutrition and opens the door to new labelling options and finished product opportunities.


An efficient alternative to titanium dioxide

Sepifilm White TF offers a new and efficient way to make white tablets and to effectively cover imperfections of tablet cores.


Its performance has been assessed comparing yellowish placebo tablets coated with Sepifilm White TF and a HPMC-based white coating agent containing titanium dioxide. With a 5% weight gain, tablets coated with Sepifilm White TF look similar to tablets coated with a coating agent containing TiO2. These results were confirmed with the CIELAB method (L*, a*, b*) commonly used to evaluate the whiteness of coated tablets. The lightness L* represents the darkest black at L*=0 and the brightest white at L*=100. L* values obtained with Sepifilm White TF are equivalent to those obtained with a tablet coating agent containing TiO2



Strong opacifying power

The opacifying properties of Sepifilm White TF have been tested on challenging types of cores, including plain brownish tablets and spotted tablets, giving excellent results.


Easy and ready-to-use film coating agent

Sepifilm White TF is easy to handle. It can be used in 12% water dispersion, with standard coating parameters, for a recommended weight gain from 4 to 5%. It can be applied to give a white shade on uncoated tablets and on tablets previously coated with a clear Sepifilm LP to protect moisture sensitive cores. It can also be applied as a sub-layer prior to using Sepifilm NAT COL in order to give bright and natural colours to dark and/or spotted cores.


Regulatory status

Sepifilm White TF is allowed

  • for use in food supplements and confectionery with no restrictions in the EU
  • for dietary supplement formulations and confectioneries in the US.



  • Free from TiO2 and aluminium
  • Ready-to-use
  • Gastosoluble
  • In powder form
  • For food supplements



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