Our plant extract range is used in hard capsules, soft gels as well as gums. Besides traditional extracts with pre-clinical studies or limited clinical studies, we also offer science based extracts with good evidence based on large placebo controlled studies. We can offer extracts for many categories such as Digestive Health, Heart Health, Energy, Skin Health, Joint Health, Urinary Tract Health, Cognitive Function, Immune system and Upper Respiratory Health.

  • Extract, acerola

  • Extract, aloe vera

  • Extract, bilberry

  • Extract, chamomille

  • Extract, grape seed

  • Extract, green coffee bean

  • Extract, green tea

  • Extract, lemon balm

  • Extract, pomegranate

  • Extract, rooibos

  • Extract, rosehip

  • Extract, yerba mate

  • Extracts for beauty-from-within

  • Extracts for cognitive function

  • Extracts for heart health

  • Extracts for weight management

  • Extracts, ayurveda

  • Extracts, European traditionel

  • Extracts, South African traditional

  • Extracts, South American

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