For making the texture of the nutrient bar perfect Alsiano offers an innovative product portfolio of inclusions, comprising many different fruits, nuts and cereal products - also allergen-free options. More examples are butterscotch chips, caramel spheres, crocant, chocolate coated fruits, honeycombs pieces, marshmallow mini etc. Alsiano can also provide tailor made inclusions to match customer requests.

  • Chocolate & honey paste

  • Cracked and roasted wheat kernels

  • Fruit & nuts, dried and chooped

  • Fruit paste (URC)

  • Fruit pieces, freeze-dried

  • Fruit pieces, sprinkles, flakes (URC)

  • Inclusions

  • Rice corn crispies, rice crispies (GF)

  • Toasted, granulated maize germ

  • Vegetable pieces, freeze-dried

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