Alsiano offers a broad range of dietary fibres suitable for bars including organic grades. A commonly used dietary fibre in bars is oligofructose (chicory root extract) which functions as a humidity binder and helps the bar keep soft longer. Oligofructose is slightly sweet whereas inulin (chicory root fibre, longer chains) has a natural taste. Inulin is known for its positive effect on digestive health which is also reflected in an approved health claim. Other fibres include sources from fruit, vegetables, and cerals.

  • Agave inulin, organic

  • Citrus fibres

  • Fibres - oat, pea

  • Fibres, acacia

  • Fibres, appel

  • Fibres, barley

  • Fibres, insoluble

  • Fibres, soy

  • Fibres, wheat

  • Gum, arabic

  • Inulin

  • Oligofructose (FOS)

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