We offer an innovative and broad product portfolio for decoration of bars, providing a desirable and attractive appearance. Fruit, berries or vegetable pieces on the health bar also contribute to a strong wellness profile of the product. For the allergen free nutrient bar, gluten free cereal crispies as well as nut tasting roasted maize germs give an attractive look and taste without including allergens.

  • Chocolate & honey paste

  • Cracked and roasted wheat kernels

  • Fruit & nuts, dried and chooped

  • Fruit paste (URC)

  • Fruit pieces, freeze-dried

  • Fruit pieces, sprinkles, flakes (URC)

  • Inclusions

  • Rice corn crispies, rice crispies (GF)

  • Toasted, granulated maize germ

  • Vegetable pieces, freeze-dried

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