Unlocking the goodness of grains

21 November 2016

Unlocking the goodness of grains

Add a new wholesome dimension to your products with organic sprouted flour and grains from To Your Health

To Your Health produces a wide range of organic sprouted products including grains, pulses, flours and seeds. There are several benefits of sprouted products, all of which are an important part of eating a healthy diet.


To Your Health was founded by Peggy Sutton in 2005 starting off by baking sprouted bread to friends in her kitchen. Today, the company produces more than 30 tonnes of organic sprouted grains and flour a week and supplies to large commercial companies and bake houses including Whole Foods Market (the world’s fifth largest retailer), Arrowhead Mills, and Kellogg.


What are sprouted products?

Seeds are long-term storage packages, designed to keep their goodness locked inside until conditions are right to grow a new plant. When sprouting begins, the process “unlocks” many of the grain’s nutrients, making them more available to our bodies. Popularly speaking, the dormant seed is turned into a living food.


When a grain kernel (seed) is given just the right temperature and moisture conditions, it begins to sprout. A sprouted grain has begun to grow into a new plant – but just barely. The sprouted grain is then dried to lock it in this ideal stage. At this point, the sprouted grain can be stored until cooked as a side dish or milled into flour. To Your Health uses a gentle milling method that preserves the grain’s vitamins, minerals and enzymes.


Why sprouted products?

When the grain is sprouted, part of the complex carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars which are easier to absorb for the body. The nutrients which are normally present in grains are made more bioavailable and the nutrition density is increased. In addition, the taste is enhanced and the bitterness often experienced in whole grain flour is removed.


Sprouted grain benefits

  • Turns the dormant seed into living food
  • Allows the whole grain to be digested more easily
  • Breaks down a portion of the starch into simple sugar for easier digestion
  • Increases key nutrient values including vitamins, fibres and essential amino acids.

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