Pulses, porridge and clean label gluten-free

Pulses, porridge and clean label gluten-free

23 November 2015

Nutritious pulses, hot cereals in fashion and clean label gluten-free ingredients with lots of functionality are some of the headlines at Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients’ stand at FI Europe this year

The cereal expert Limagrain invites you to come over and discover the following solutions at their stand:


Pulses – Limagrain offers a new range of stabilised pulse flours made up of chickpea, fababean, redbean and green lentils and available in three heat treatments - low, high and granulation. With the special Farigel treatment, the legume flours are made functional: the bitterness is reduced facilitating use, and preservation is lengthened while keeping all the nutritional benefits of pulses. The pulses range can enrich breads, extruded products (snacks, breakfast cereals) and cooked or delicatessen dishes with proteins, fibres or mine-rals. Also better water retention, more crunchiness for extruded products and ethnic notes are among the benefits added to your formulae. The entire range is gluten-free and 100% clean label for more natural products.


Porridge – a hot topic right now and considered to be very nutritious and convenient for instance as a breakfast-to-go. Limagrain offers a diversified version: westhove absolute wheat made from whole wheat. With the benefits of whole wheat and a well-liked flavour, this ingredient is ready for use and can test the growing market of “hot cereals” with no investment. Westhove absolute wheat can also be custom mixed with other cereals to create the multi-cereal porridges of your dreams.


Furthermore, Limagrain will showcase Nutricorn that can substitute hazelnuts or almonds in formulae, and clean label gluten-free solutions that for instance bring technical solutions equivalent to those of additives, for instance to increase volume or nutrition of breads, create creamy textures in cooked and delicatessen dishes and obtain better cooking yield in meat products.



Meet Limagrain at stand 6I49