Pevesa - experts in protein technology

23 November 2015

Pevesa - experts in protein technology

The protein specialist Pevesa Biotech offers a broad line of plant based proteins and hypo-allergenic whey and casein proteins for a wide range of applications

We are pleased to announce that Alsiano can now offer protein isolates, hydrolysates and concentrates from Pevesa Biotech. Pevesa is a Spanish biotechnology company which is specialised in high quality and allergen-free plant based proteins from origins such as rice, pea and carob.

Newly launched product developments
The company has just launched their newly developed protein hydrolysates with improved taste profile in order to adapt their product portfolio to the current market demand for nice tasting (not bitter) plant based hydrolysates. These hydrolysates are produced by a natural enzymatic hydrolisation process and can be used for example in protein powders, bars, smoothies, shakes, ready meals, snacks and beverages. They are available in a soluble and long-term soluble version and come exclusively from European sources. Further new product developments are in plant protein hydrolysates for transparent beverages and in plant protein hydrolysates with improved amino acid profile in order to achieve plant proteins with a PDCAAS of 100%.

Thanks to strict quality standards and minimum levels of contaminants and heavy metals, many of Pevesa’s plant proteins are found in infant formulas (hypo-allergenic, anti-colic and comfort formulas). With this focus on baby food, clinical and sport nutrition, the main aim of the company is to contribute to the well-being of the society by offering allergen-free, non-dairy, non-GMO, vegetable protein isolates, hydrolysates, peptides and amino acids developed using the natural own patented technology.



Pevesa operates 3 production lines at their production site in Seville, Spain: 


  • Protein and hydrolysed protein baby food
  • Bioactivators and nutritional biomolecules
  • Soluble liquid and powdered amino acids


In addition, Pevesa has a R&D pilot plant with a production capacity of 100 l/100 kg of ingredients and a R&D laboratory to reproduce small-scale processes and for process and product quality control.



Food Applications


  • Baby food - anti-colic infant formulas, hypo-allergenic infant formulas, pap, nutritional supplements
  • General nutrition – drinks, shakes, powders, soups, bars, snacks, convenience food, ready meals
  • Sport nutrition - nutritional supplements, shakes, hyperproteic bars, meal replacements, beverages
  • Senior & medical nutrition - nutritional supplements, special diets, drinks, meals, bars, dessert



Pevesa Biotech offers


  • A wide range of proteins with different amino acid profiles
  • Different protein sources to cover your specificrequirements
  • Alternative plant proteins to the traditional protein sources
  • Hydrolysates with several degrees of hydrolysis
  • Soluble, temperature resistant, high digestible, bio available protein hydrolysates with good taste
  • Joint development of customised intact proteins and protein hydrolysates


Meet Pevesa Biotech at stand 7C45

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