New unique flour from Bornholm with golden benefits

New unique flour from Bornholm with golden benefits

21 April 2020

Alsiano launches Aakirke Flour, a new range of organic flour from the unique Tritordeum grain, grown on the “Sunshine Island” and milled by Bornholms Valsemølle, offering the health and digestibility of barley and the versatility of wheat.

We are pleased to introduce Aakirke Flour, indulgent news for the bakery industry, opening a range of new possibilities for formulating delicious baked goods with a healthy message thanks to the golden cereal’s many benefits and excellent taste profile.


Aakirke Flour is made from the relatively new cereal, Tritordeum from Agrasys - also known as the golden cereal - which is a cross breeding of wild barley and durum wheat developed by Spanish researchers looking to create a healthy and digestible cereal like barley but with the versatility of wheat. Although originating from the Mediterranean region, this crop can now be grown locally in Scandinavia thanks to the favourable climate and soil conditions on Bornholm – the rock island in the Baltic Sea.


In line with the special tradition for crafted foods of highest quality at Bornholm, Aakirke Flour is organically grown and milled with great care and respect for the crop and nature.


Bread with Tritordeum combines the best from barley and durum wheat


The golden cereal with many benefits

Aakirke Flour has so much to offer in terms of taste and nutritional properties:


  • Natural sweet taste

Aakirkemel offers an unforgettable sensory experience. It has a rich, natural sweet taste and a distinctive flavour with notes from nuts which suit bread, biscuits and cake.


  • Low gluten - easier to digest

Thanks to the type of gluten in Tritordeum and a lower level of gluten, Aakirke Flour is easier to digest compared to wheat. It is not suitable for coeliacs, however.


  • Balancing health

Aakirke Flour offers more dietary fibres than wheat, contributing to digestive health. In addition, it contains more oleic acid - the most important fatty acid in the Mediterranean diet – and more antioxidants such as lutein.


  • Sustainable and full traceability

Tritordeum is more sustainable by nature. It is a robust crop well suited for resisting climate changes. It is grown by local farmers who receive fair and stable prices, promoting the circular economy and ensuring a sustainable production in close proximity to the market.


Contact us for more information about Aakirke Flour and how this golden cereal can add many values and benefits to your products.