Increase the appeal of your products

23 March 2016

Increase the appeal of your products

Spice up your products or create new exciting variants with the vast range of inclusions and decorations from Nimbus Foods

Nimbus Foods, part of Raisio Group, is leading the way within inclusions and decorations for commercial application. No matter whether the ingredients required are for bakery, beverages, chilled and frozen desserts, confectionery, ice cream, snacks and cakes or yoghurt, Nimbus can accommodate the needs.

Nimbus constantly develops products focused on benefits for the commercial food industry to help customers differentiate their products from those of their competitors. Nimbus specialises in manufacturing and supplying the following inclusions and decorations:


  • Bakery inclusions
  • Cake inclusions
  • Chocolate coated inclusions
  • Chocolate inclusions (suitable for use in confectionery)
  • Fat coated inclusions
  • Numerous decorations
  • Ice cream inclusions


New stay soft products for ice cream 
Nimbus is a creative and innovative team always looking for new food trends, developing exciting new products that meet the needs of their customers and their new product development agendas.

Among their recent developments are stay soft jellies. Many companies have over the years tried in vain to develop a pectin jelly recipe that will stay soft in ice creams and frozen desserts. Nimbus has perfected the formulation and is now able to offer the “Stay Soft Jellies” in a range of natural flavours and colours to meet customers’ requirements. The individual pieces are approximately 1 gram in weight and 8mm in diameter.
Nimbus also offers fudge cubes designed to stay soft in ice-cream – also well suited for use in soft eating caramel cookies – and bake stable inclusions which resist high temperatures, making them ideal for a range of breads, cakes and pastries.

Sugar strands from own nut-free factory
Nimbus produces their range of sugar strands ‘in house’ at their ‘nut free’ factory in Dolgellau. Producing in their dedicated ‘in house facility’ has enabled the company to be much more innovative with their range of colours and customer specific developments.

Products tailored to your needs
The inclusion and decoration products can be manufactured to fulfill a number of criteria including 


  • product stability functionality under extreme temperatures
  • high moisture barriers
  • long shelf life
  • cost effectiveness


The inclusions can be selected to work in any environment, be it ambient, chilled or frozen, and in a wide variety of applications.